Über uns

We believe that a sustainable digital age requires technical tools that enable
sincere cooperation between humans.

Platform21 now is CosyTools

We chose to give ourselves a new name to reflect our new focus on digital tools for cooperating sincerely (this is what “cosy” stands for).

Of course, we still support communities in setting up and developing digital platforms.

We help with safe AI

Generative AI develops at high pace. We aim to contribute to a safe and responsible use for cooperatives, SMEs, and NGOs who wish to use these tools as an effective support for human work and cooperation.

From now on we offer help to set up customized AI assistants that are tailored for your specific data and processes.

Mehr zu unseren KI Angeboten.

Building Tools for Your Community

Cooperating sincerely is difficult enough in a world that is dominated by competition mindsets. We want to enable teams to focus on their common vision, develop sustainable business models, and build up their community.

This is why we help with the identification, development, installation, and maintenance of relevant digital tools.

Wir helfen maßgeschneiderte digitale Tools for collaboration, governance and community management.

We ensure that technical tools serve your organization’s purpose rather than draining energy and attention from your team members.

We can help developing Community Marktplätze mit integrierten social networking Funktionen, eingebauten Token-systemen und alternativen Währungen.

If needed, we assist Communities, Genossenschaften und purpose-driven Unternehmen dabei, ihre eigene lokale oder interne Wirtschaft auszubauen, die auf ihre Wertvorstellungen ausgerichtet ist.

Wir ermöglichen kollaborative Entwicklung, where multiple regenerative companies could pool their resources in order to form strong, modular tools and platform products.

What are “Cosy Tools”?

“Cosy” stands for “Cooperating Sincerely”. Our goal is to make sure that all tools and processes we help to set up support humans in doing just that.

Whether it is about improving processes within an organization, or supporting inter-cooperation between organizations, the tools are there to support us humans in unfolding our cooperative skills.

Too often, digital tools and organizational processes have alienating effects for the people in the organization. This can create unnecessary frictions and even lead to distraction from the organization’s original purpose.

It is our goal to provide tools that are purposefully designed for thriving human teams and communities who co-exist in harmony with each other and nature.

Lust mitzumachen?

At CosyTools, we envision a globally distributed and interdisciplinary team. We always welcome like-minded people and partners to join our mission. Take a look at our Stellenanzeigen vorbei oder kontaktiere uns einfach, wenn du Lust hast mehr zu erfahren.