Platform Services

We are specialized in creating Community Marketplaces with integrated Social Networks and inbuilt Alternative Currencies & Token. Through these integrated packages, we enable cooperatives and other community oriented organizations and businesses to have one platform that serves many functions for their members.

Customized AI Tools

We now start supporting SMEs, NGOs and cooperatives with setting up customized generative AI to support your specific business models and processes.

Learn more about our Customized AI Services.

Community Marketplaces

Our focus is to build marketplaces that help communities to exchange goods and services while avoiding unhealthy incentives for material consumption. For example, our marketplaces avoid personalized data tracking and adds. Instead, they enable meaningful peer-to-peer recommendations and reviews between people who actually care about one another.

Social Networks

Most platforms for communities need some social networking functions in order to facilitate connections between community members. We focus on social networking tools that enable interpersonal communication, the creation of purpose-specific groups, and the coordination of real world meetups and events.

Alternative Currencies & Tokens

Many of our customers and projects seek to create local or purpose-driven economies. For this, we help with the creation of a local or purpose-driven currency that can help community members to consciously commit to these economies. At the same time, well designed tokens can help for example to coordinate the collaboration between members or to fairly recognize everyone’s contributions of time or skills.

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