Building a distributed team

CosyTools is a distributed network of core contributors, freelancers, and partners. For individual projects, we’re building teams of motivated co-founders. We’re always happy about new people interested in joining us.

Core members:

Felix Weth

Felix has a background in co-operative entrepreneurship, as well as anti-corruption work and frontend development.

He is Steward-CEO of CosyTools and a co-founder of Cosyland, CosyAI, and DeCiLo.

Shi Yi Tan

Shi Yi is a multilingual scholar in legal and intercultural studies.

She is the operations manager at Bobooki and Cosyland.

Henrik Hesslau

Henrik has a background in software engineering and sustainable business administration.

He is software developer at CosyTools and a co-founder of Bobooki.

Affiliated members

Rashid Owoyele

Rashid has a background in transdisciplinary design and social innovation.

They’re a partner of CosyTools and a co-founder of Transekt Agency.

Dr. Jakob Kolb

Jakob has a background in theoretical physics.

He is full stack developer and a co-founder of DeCiLo.

Kilian Zimmerer

Kilian has a background in physics and machine learning.

He is data engineer and a co-founder of DeCiLo.

Minh Trang

Minh has a background in project management and process design.

She is operations manager and a co-founder of BerlinZuDir.

Joachim Kohl

Joachim has a background in marketing & transformative business administration.

He is communications manager and a co-founder of DeCiLo.

Tanja Olschenka

Tanja is an illustrator and designer with background in social work.

She is the creator of much of the designs of Cosyland and CosyAI.