Spezialisierte KI-Assistenten und Tools

Ab jetzt unterstützen wir KMUs, gemeinnützige Organisationen und Genossenschaften dabei, eigene KI-Assistenten einzurichten, die Sie bei Ihren spezifischen internen Prozessen unterstützen können.

Generative AI has enormous potential for increasing efficiency and automating many types of processes. We believe that this potential can be used to improve cooperation between humans. If done right, it can enhance people’s work, rather than replacing them, leading to both better results and better work experience.

We help setting up your own AI

We use open source large language models (LLMs) and other open source tools to create specialized AI assistants at affordable costs.

  • By programming these assistants with specific data and instructions, we can turn them into co-workers with specialized knowledge.
  • You get full access control to protect your data.
  • If you have extended needs for data protection, you can opt for a lokal installierten KI-Modellen that is exclusively accessible through your own intranet and dedicated devices.
  • We help you from the start with identifying potential use cases in your organization, based on an assessment of your specific needs and available data.

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