Call for Co-founders

We are currently rebooting CosyTools with a pivot towards generative AI and digital tools for cooperation.

At the same time, we want to build a “Cosy Company”:

The goal is to create a conscious organization that enables us to collaborate productively in a decentralized setup, while supporting everyone involved in our own personal journey to be sincerely in touch with ourselves.

In particular, we seek to build a company that integrates:

  • The concept of a Teal Organization as laid out in Frederic Laloux’ book Reinventing Organizations.
  • Relevant practices and principles from the DisCO model of a “Distributed Cooperative Organization”.
  • A company culture that is centered around the concept of Cooperating Sincerely (Cosy).

If this resonates with you and you can imagine to commit your time and energy to building up a new type of transformative company, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Building a “Dream Team”

Our goals are ambitious and this requires us to work fast and with high quality. At the same time, we will not compromise the outlined building blocks of a Cosy Company, where everyone’s needs are acknowledged and where everyone can unfold their potential – in their own, healthy way.

We believe that finding a balance between the two can create the ground for being extraordinarily productive – in terms of providing real value and well-being for our customers and us team members.

For that reason, we will choose the initial founder team based on both sincere commitment as well as complementary super powers.

In the process, we will collectively decide how to move forward and shape our individual roles and responsibilities. Please take the following role descriptions as an initial outline that we will revise together along the way.

Wonach wir suchen

Rather than opting for the classic C-titles, we are looking for people with complementary skills and experience in order to define and adapt to our specific roles together in a continuous process. In particular, we are looking for:

1. A person with a focus on internal operations and business development.

2. A person with a focus on product development and Aufbau unseres Tech-Teams.

3. A person with a background in machine learning / data engineering to lead our AI strategy

Was du mitbringen solltest

  • An uncompromising commitment to creating positive social change and transformation
  • Experience in leading teams
  • The passion to aim for large scale impact
  • Offenheit neue Wege der Finanzierung und Ressourcenschaffung zu entdecken
  • Bereitschaft in hohem Tempo in einer entspannten und gesunden Atmosphäre zu arbeiten
  • Openness to share responsibility for creating and maintaining an open and cooperative team culture, where respectful critique is welcome and where everyone can develop and contribute their individual strengths
  • Deinen eigenen Ideen und Perspektiven können unser Unternehmen mitgestalten

Was dich erwartet

  • Ein kleines und motiviertes Team
  • Arbeiten von wo du willst
  • If you are based in Berlin, a welcoming co-working and community atmosphere in our partner space at Moos.
  • A strong network in the social business, cooperative, and conscious community scene in Berlin and globally.
  • An invitation to co-shape our company on eye-level as a co-founder, including sharing formal ownership.
  • We will define our salaries together, depending on our ability to raise funds and acquire new customers

Kontaktiere uns!

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s discuss further details either in person or in a video call.

Schick einfach eine kurze E-Mail mit deinem Lebenslauf an Felix