Platform Development & Customization

We offer individual platform development and customization according to your specific needs and purpose. Coming from a social business background, we understand the importance of involving the communities we want to serve in the design process.

Customized AI Tools

We now start supporting SMEs, NGOs and cooperatives with setting up customized generative AI to support your specific business models and processes.

Learn more about our Customized AI Services.

Setup & Maintenance of Digital Tools

If needed, we help you setting up and maintaining digital tools for managing and administrating your company or organization, as well as for communication and collaboration within your community. We mainly focus on open source tools where we can make sure that all data are sufficiently protected. So that you can focus on developing your vision and business model and building your community.

Practical Help & Consultancy

We have seen in many examples that setting up and running a platform is a complex challenge, in particular if combined with the goal of achieving a social or environmental purpose. If needed, we can provide consultancy to help with platform design or building and improving your business model. Our approach at Platform21 is collaborative, which means that wherever necessary, we can put you in touch with teams that face similar challenges, facilitate cooperative projects, or find qualified freelance experts and agency partners to solve your challenge.

If you want to learn more about our platform services, please get in touch to schedule a call: