Common Ownership

We support the creation of platforms that are owned by many, for example through Platform Coop models. We can also help identifying and setting up suitable open source tools to facilitate processes for common governance, decentralized decision making, and fair internal compensation within your membership.

Regenerative Business Models

Our focus is on supporting platform projects that take a regenerative approach to the use of resources and our planet’s natural ecosystems. For this goal, we’re connecting with networks like Regens Unite in order to find relevant partners and inspiration for helping you to build business models that are truly regenerative.

Collaborative development

Our approach to software development is collaborative in order to avoid reinventing the wheel. Rather than many dispersed teams developing similar platforms, we facilitate and organize the collaboration on common platform backends that can be customized for the individual projects. We also use existing open source tools wherever possible and help with the set up of customized installations as well as developing interfaces between different tools.

Find an overview about the specific platform types we focus on.

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